Inside, 2016

These paintings are an exploration of acrylic paint and masking mediums. Working in layers, this work explores the idea of building up a body from the inside out. Though appearing morbid, these figures are very much alive.


This series examines identity and masking through monotypes over photo-etchings. Fall 2016.

Words of Wisdom

These prints are derived from my grandmother’s photographs, which were digitally altered. Text was added via letter press over the digital print. ┬áSpring 2016.  

Life Branches

Summer 2016

  These works were created during an eight week summer abroad painting course in Venice, Italy. Inspired by the multicolored marble encasing much of the architecture.

BFA Senior Thesis, 2017

These works are pseudo-scientific displays of organs housed in fields of layered color. The application of paint provides a semblance of clean and clear optics, but it becomes more of an organic drippy mess. Like humans we try but almost always fail to reject or remedy our natural drips, spills and oozes. The thesis is […]

Thesis Book PDF


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