BFA Senior Thesis, 2017

These works are pseudo-scientific displays of organs housed in fields of layered color. The application of paint provides a semblance of clean and clear optics, but it becomes more of an organic drippy mess. Like humans we try but almost always fail to reject or remedy our natural drips, spills and oozes.

The thesis is inspired by misty visions of MRI scans and an emergence of form. The organs in the shadow boxes displayed are harvested from the figures.

Thinking about my work as it’s completed, part of the work deals with the weirdness of seeing out body systems without skin or hair. These parts of us exist, yet looking at them isolated from everything else seems so alien.

Installation view
Bright Pink Sausages, acrylic & air dry clay on canvas, 4×4.5ft
Purple Egg Veins, acrylic on canvas, 4×3 ft
Sparkle Bits, acrylic and glitter on canvas, 7x7ft
The Organ Trail I, air dry clay, glitter, thread & acrylic, 6×4 in
The Organ Trail II, air dry clay, glitter & acrylic, 6×6 in
The Organ Tail III, air dry clay, thread & acrylic, 6×8 in
The Organ Trail IV, air dry clay, glitter & acrylic, 8×6 in
The Organ Trail V, air dry clay, glitter & acrylic, 6×6 in
The Organ Trail VI, air dry clay & acrylic, 3×3 in
The Organ Trail VIII, air dry clay, glitter & acrylic, 4×10 in

The last work I did for this show, Sparkle Bits, is me. I might have made the shoulders a little lower than mine, but it’s just my height. Looking far away from it, I look so much smaller than I think I look.

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